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Are you a Tweeter? Here's who we love to follow!

Twitter is a great way to speak to people directly, about anything from common interests, to politics, to interaction with your favourite star! Vaping has also taken to Twitter and there are several profiles that feature vaping regularly, not just advertising products but also keeping the vaping public informed of anything that's going on in the vaping world. We took the trouble to compile some of these profiles for you, because we think you should follow them! 

Well of course, you should start by following McFlavors!

And then there is Planet of the Vapes who you can always rely on to keep you in the loop on anything going on in the officious world of Vaping.

Three expert officials who are well-respected in their fields and who always give us objective views on vaping, are Dr Farsalinos - a Cardiologist, performing clinical and laboratory research on electronic cigarettes; Clive Bates - an opinionist with a past working at DECC, Wales, the UN, Environment Agency, Cabinet Office, ASH, Greenpeace, & IBM; and Sarah J, a Trustee of UK registered charity New Nicotine Alliance (NNA) (UK): 


And last but not least a little tongue-in-cheek amusement by our beloved Eciggy McEcigface. Eciggy never fails to put a smile on our face! 


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