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Do you love your e-liquid flavours? You should read about the TPD

There are many restrictions that are planned to be imposed on vaping should the Tobacco Products Directives go ahead. As a vaper, you should read up on it because there are many ways in which they will affect you. One of them is that e-liquid bottles will not be able to contain more than 10ml of e-liquid. Disabled vaper Bekivapes wrote: 

"The TPD is also going to cause me huge problems immediately in May. I will no longer be able to buy my eliquids in bottle sizes greater than 10ml. These bottles are too small for me to handle safely". 

Another is to curb the variety of e-liquid flavours available. Bekivapes had this to say: 

"The main reason that I enjoy it more than smoking is because of the flavours. So what will happen to me in May? I will most probably go back to smoking". 

How will you be affected? Find out here 

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