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Vaping and.... Food!?

I bet you never thought of making the connection between the art of vaping and food, more specifically, using one to enhance the other. Users the world over have been reporting finding that certain foods enhance their vaping flavours. Yes, that's right... that after you eat certain food, your vape flavour tastes more intense! 

This is no different than that sorbet dish between two different meal courses, that cleanses your palate, getting your taste buds ready for their next experience! Similarly, certain foods cleanse your taste buds so that they are ready for the next hit from your vaporiser; and obviously the cleaner the palate, the better you will taste your vape! So.. think of this article next time you're about to vape with or after a meal! 

Great palate cleansers are: 

  • Tea (especially green tea)
  • Mint Flavours (such as those found in gum) 
  • Sour Flavours (such as lemon juice) 

So really, vaping is no different than choosing what next taste is going back in your mouth after eating. A few chefs have spoken up in forums about the vaping flavours that pair well with the food they prefer. for example, a common suggestion is to vape a flavour that is the opposite of the food you are eating. So with spicy food, take a fresh sweet flavour such as McFlavors' Strawberry or Vanilla. With sweets, take the vapes with more flavour such as McFlavors' Rum or Red, or National! 

N.B. Many report preferring to vape while having a coffee, which to the ex smokers out there makes a lot of sense. The psychological link between coffee and cigarettes exists in most smokers, so it would follow naturally that these ex-smokers turned vapers would do the same. 

Any thoughts?! 


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