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Vaping... and Bees... and Wasps... and Flies...!

If you've been vaping for a while, chances are you carry your vape around wherever you go, including the beautiful outside, right? We're not sure whether you noticed it or not but since you started vaping, there has been an increasing amount of close encounters with flying friends who suddenly find you irresistible! On vaping forums the world over, every summer, vapers want to talk about whether or not they are going crazy. 

People who leave their e-liquids in their cars overnight report finding a little wasp party on their bonnet waiting for the morning valet to open the car door! Vapers in the countryside say wasps love to fly straight through their vape clouds, rather playfully I might add. Others say that the number of bees and flying friends outside their closed windows when they vape has increased. One particular bee-phobe, reports seeing their huge shadows over his living room carpet! 

Bees, and Wasps, and sometimes flies, love the sweet smell of your e-liquid. You're hardly going to deny them the pleasure of a nice drag of McFlavors Vanilla or a little bit of a nibble on your McFlavors Strawberry are you? 

So yeah, we're here to tell you that no, you are not going crazy, yes, bugs love the sweet smell of vapour, and no, it's not going to harm you any more than having an ice cream on a beach in the hot sun (for those of you in cold countries, bees swarm around you when you're having ice cream on a beach in the hot sun). 

And...oh they're so cuuuute! 

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