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Vaping Facts you Need to Know!

With so many misconceptions about the art of Vaping, probably due to the several misguiding statements and comments thrown about by misinformed or contentious individuals, we thought we'd take it upon ourselves to inform you about some Vaping facts that are constantly being misconstrued. Let's get straight to it then...

Fact # 1: The ingredients for e-liquids are not unknown or classified.

We've heard it time and again... "only God knows what's in those things." Or the famous, "they use the same ingredients used to make antifreeze." These arguments simply don't hold water! Let's start with the first. The overwhelming majority of e-liquid manufacturers do not conceal their product formulae. In fact, any respectable manufacturer lists all e-liquid ingredients on the product's packaging for everyone to read. This is a legal requirement on their part - especially those manufacturing within the EU - so do not let anyone fool you into believing that e-liquid manufacturers are completely unregulated and free to add any ingredient they desire into their product. This is not at all the case. Just choose those manufacturers who are transparent about their product. At McFlavors, we include all lab tests results over the contents of our products. You can find these on our website by clicking here

Now for the antifreeze argument. Well, it's not much of an argument, but let's just call it such for comic value! Many e-liquid manufacturers use an ingredient known as Propylene Glycol (PG) in order to make their liquid produce a lot of vapour. Contrary to what many commentaries have alleged - some because they were misinformed, others deliberately - this is NOT the main ingredient in antifreeze. In fact, it's the main ingredient in Asthma nebulizers and when it's vaporised, it doesn't cause any harm whatsoever except to those allergic to it. So what has caused some to state that PG is the main ingredient in antifreeze? Well, the ingredient they're referring to is Diethylene Glycol, so we can only imagine that they were either dumbfounded by the 'glycol' part of that label or intended to misinform the public in the hope of remaining unchecked and uncorrected. Having said that, McFlavors liquids are completely free from PG. They use a natural glycol in its place, in order to ensure that the high standard of liquid quality is maintained.

Fact # 2: There are many nicotine-free and low-nicotine e-liquids and they're in high demand.

The common misconception here goes a little something like this; "Vaping doesn't reduce nicotine dependency because e-liquids contain more nicotine than cigarettes." Err... NO! There are many e-liquid manufacturers producing liquids containing very little nicotine - or no nicotine at all. We know of at least one manufacturer whose entire product line contains zero nicotine.

The basic fact is that the more nicotine present in an e-liquid, the more masked the flavour. So, it is in fact within the interests of manufacturers to produce e-liquids with a low nicotine content in order to boast of their superior flavours. Those who vape in order to kick a smoking habit do tend to start out with a high nicotine content liquid.But these often tend to switch to liquids containing lower nicotine levels in order to decrease their dependency as well as enhance their vaping experience. If you think we're pulling your leg with this one, think of this... Why do many manufacturers produce low-nicotine and zero-nicotine e-liquids? Surely they wouldn't do so if there was no demand from the consumer's end! 

Fact # 3: Vapour from APVs or Vape Pens is far less harmful than cigarette smoke.

There have been several voices asserting that the same constraints placed on smoking tobacco products should be placed on vaping, even though no tobacco products are involved in the vaping process. Many have claimed that due to the lack of studies conducted, we should not allow vaping in areas were smoking cigarettes has been banned.

Well, we can point to several studies attesting to the relatively non-existent risk to those who vape or anyone within their vicinity when compared to smokers and second-hand smokers respectively.

The fact is that vaping isn't new; it's been around for years now. And let's face it; it's been in the news, it's been discussed at the highest political levels, it's an ever-growing industry, etc... So, do you really think that in the years that vaping has been around, no studies have been conducted on the health impacts of vaping? Doesn't this sound very hard to believe?

The studies are there for all to read. The perceived lack only exists to those who choose not to read them! 

Fact # 4: Vaping helps smokers quit! 

Yes, vaping DOES help smokers quit smoking! Of course it does, and we've known this fact for a while. Only recently however, have certain mainstream publications began to admit that there is "at least some evidence" that vaping does in fact help smokers quit.

And why have these publications been forced to admit this? Because low and behold, there ARE studies that verify this! The so-called guardians of people's health do not push vaping products as alternatives to help smokers quit. Instead, they push products such as the nicotine patch and nicotine gum. Why is this? You figure that one out for yourselves. 

And there you have it peeps... a few facts about vaping that you need to know! Watch this space for more posts of this kind! 




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