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The new Ceramic Vaping Trend

Ceramic as a material in vaping is making a huge comeback. If you have been vaping for a while then you know that it already featured in some old models of vaporisers and was faded out by newer technologies. Now, the Altus Tank Atomiser, by GUO Vape and the cCell Coil by Vaporesso are changing things again. The Altus Tank is breaking new ground for being a coil-free device! Instead it uses a ceramic chip with tungsten inside all wrapped in cotton. The purpose is better insulation and distribution of heat.  The cCell Coil was made to fit the Atlantis and the Triton, the two most popular vaporisers in the market, and so it has a much better chance of success. 

Mount Baker Vapor have summarised these two new gadgets for you! Read all about it here 

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