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Different Types of Vaporisers

I'm sure you're confused by all the different looks, and names given to vaporisers. Is it a mechanical mod? A box mod? Is it an e-cigarette? Do you throw it away? Should I choose a mechanical pen style?

So many questions!

Ok so first things first. Only pick a disposable if your intention is to try out vaping. If you're going to vape regualarly disposable vaporisers are going to cost you a fortune. Pen vaporisers are not much better. They are made of plastic which causes a lot of issues if vaping with the wrong juices, including overheating and scalding the user. They might even be prone to cracking. Having said that, they are much cheaper than the alternatives, and unlike the disposables, they are refillable.

Mods are different, whether of the mechanical or box variety. Mods allow you to control how many amperes are being fired into the system, thus giving you control on the amount of vapour that's generated. In mechanical mods, it's in the name that they work using mechanical engineering in that you tighten and loosen aspects of your mod to get the amount of vapour that you need. In Box mods, which many believe to be the best way to vape, you have a display showing temperature control, amount of power being generated, coil and battery life and so on. Displays obviously vary. For the amount of features they have and the price they come at, they are definitely the best buy for somebody who plans on vaping long term.


So there you have it! If you want to try vaping, in order to know whether it's for you or not, buy a disposable, but if you're planning on vaping again, especially vaping long term, we definitely think a box mod is the way forward. 

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