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What to look for in an electronic cigarette

Choosing an electronic cigarette can be a very daunting task, not made easier by the fact that people working in shops and writing in forums have had years of experience on the subject, and even their language has changed into a morph of English and Klingon. Starting to vape is a great step forward, especially if you were previously addicted to cigarettes and are using vaping as a healthier alternative to your fix.

So, what is an electronic cigarette? In a nutshell, it is a device, that delivers nicotine through the heating of a coil that produces vapour. In a simplified manner, it is made up of a tank which stores the e-liquid, a coil that vaporises it, and a battery that powers the coil, and indeed the entire device.

What to look for in a tank:

1. Air flow

It is important that as a user you are allowed to control the amount of air that is flowing when you are puffing or dragging on your vaping device. The more air allowed in, the more vapour will be produced. The more options that you are given on adjusting air flow, the better the tank you are using.

2. Storage Capacity

This may seem obvious but most people think that the tank is big enough until they are out vaping all day having to constantly refill it. You don't want to be driving on a long trip and have to pull over every couple of hours to refill your tank. 0.5ml is the smallest tank we have heard of, and 5ml is the largest. This should give you an idea of what you want from your vaporiser. Also, most modern vaporisers use sub-ohm resistances to vape. If you are thinking of getting one of these, you should know that they use up more liquid, and therefore a larger tank is almost necessary to your comfort.

    3. The Coil

    Your coil is responsible for generating the vapour you need through heating up. How much vapour is generated depends on Ohm's Law! Use it to generate whatever amount of vapour you need. In an e-cig the amount of vapour generated is dependant on the ohms, the amperes, the watts and voltage that is present. The resistance of your coil is a constant so you can use it to determine the amount of vapour you need.

      What to look for in a battery:

      1. The life span

      Battery life is another important factor in choosing the right e-cig. Do you want to be charging it every 2 hours, every 12 or every day? Do you vape a little or a lot? Nowadays vaporisers come with some serious life in their batteries, but they also cost more. Best to ensure that you find the right balance of mAH to your pocket. Some batteries also have a pass-through function which allows the e-cigarette to still be used while it's charging, kind of like a cell phone. This is obviously going to make a huge difference to your vaping, especially if you're using it to keep off cigarettes.

      2. The connection to the coil

      This is all about compatibility. Whatever battery you choose has to be compatible to the tank that you've got. It sounds obvious, but many make the mistake of buying blind online thinking that it's just a battery only to discover when it arrives in the post that it doesn't form a good connection with your existing coil!

      Hope you make a great choice!

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