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Juice Bitches? Are you kidding me? 

Women the world over working in or trying to learn about the vaping industry have been reporting that they are not being taken seriously. In one shop in particular, an Emily Skelton reports that the females were only allowed to serve juice at the bars, rather than answer customers' technical questions about vaping equipment. They were referred to as the "juice bitches". Nice! Not. 

Now, have you heard about Dripping Dolls? 

Megan Sikes felt like she was being ridiculed every time she asked a vaping question on Facebook, especially if the question was technical, and related to building your own equipment. Do you know what she did about it? Stayed home and cried, I hear you say? No! She created a private, invite-only group on Facebook called The Dripping Dolls, where women can go in and talk all they want about 'man stuff'. 

Now we don't want to generalise here, but why was this even necessary? Who cares whether or not your build your own equipment? And who says it's related to your genitalia?! Let people be! Stop being judgmental. 

Now, you can't join Dripping Dolls unless it's by invite. You can't even find it on a search function, but if you're interested in their work, what they have to say, and what they have to offer, they do have a live-streamed show which you can follow, and through which you can make yourself known to them if you're feeling like you're not being taken seriously by idiots. You can follow their show here

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