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Temperature-Controlled Vaping: Everything you Need to know!

As with everything else, vaping comes in many forms and every vaper has his or her own preference of flavor, nicotine level, voltage, resistance, etc. Temperature control is the latest in controlling how you vape. New box mods are now being made with this added feature and it's fast becoming a must-have for everyone serious about vaping. The way these mods work is for you to programme the temperature you want them to run at, and when you press the vaping button, the mod will adjust the power to bring the coil up to your desired temperature, and more importantly, to keep it at that temperature. This ensures that with every hit, you get the taste and flavor you are looking for; none of that too dry or too cool hits. E-Cigarette direct have researched the topic of temperature control (TC) and wrote a brilliant article on it which you ought to read.

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