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Diversity in the Marketplace

Here's a lovely little observation that we came across today on a news section, that was in turn copied from social media with the kind permission of the original author. The piece highlights some important vaping truths: 

1) Have more tobacco-flavoured liquids available in the shops, because those first time users will look for tobacco flavour before anything else. 

2) Do not just stick to selling mods. An electronic cigarette can be that all-important bridge for a smoker to cross into the new and unknown abyss that is vaping. 

3) Do not push a smoker to start vaping. They will do it in their own time. Trust us when we tell you that all smokers want to quit. Pushing them into doing something that scares them or that they know nothing about will only make them move further away. 

4) Do not make a smoker feel bad for smoking. That will only push them further away from you, quitting, and vaping. Rather, let them watch you, and let them ask questions unashamedly about what vaping gives you and be totally honest about the answers. Nothing you can say about vaping will make it more horrible than inhaling tobacco. 

These thoughts were inspired by the original poster's aunt. Read the reproduction of her original post here

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