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Electronic Cigarette Etiquette - Always Remember ....

A few months back, we touched on this issue, bringing you Vaping Etiquette: Good to Know Tips; now we bring you five more tips by which we hope you live if you want to be a harmonious vaper who cares for himself, others, and his surroundings: 

1) Ask Management! These days it is common to find some stores or restaurants that despite the evidence for vaping assimilate it with smoking, thus not allowing people to vape in their establishments. Always ask. Some establishments are too small, causing your vaping cloud to be intrusive. 

2) Ask fellow diners! Do not assume that everyone is ok with you vaping. Some people may be sensitive to the smell of some of the vapours. Do not ruin anybody's dining experience! 

3) This counts for homes and workplaces you visit too! Ask the owner! 

4) Use Tact! People may not know about vaping, and may have some pre misconceptions about them. Do not go on the offensive. Educate them. Nicely. 

5) We can not stress enough how nobody likes a sanctimonious anything. Don't gloat about your vaping. Don't wave your apparatus in a smoker's face. Remember how difficult it was for you to quit smoking until you tried vaping. Give them a chance. Educate them. Nicely.  

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