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American Cancer Society didn't expect this huge amount of feedback...

So, last week, the American Cancer Society decided to conduct somewhat of a social experiment through its social media by asking their followers to share their story on how they quit smoking. The reply was an avalanche of posts testifying towards the great success that individuals had, quitting smoking using e-cigs. Now, the rub is this, the American Cancer Society had previously declared that they do not endorse vaping as a means to quit smoking. What they found was that 95% of the success stories on quitting smoking in the social experiment they conducted, did so using vaping. They don't particularly go all out against vaping, as an organisation, they took a neutral stance, possibly until some more studies are made that prove that vaping doesn't actually cause cancer. Yet the endorsement that vaping got through their page is the best endorsement of all - over 3000 people, testifying that vaping was the reason they quit smoking! This is what we like to see!

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