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How to store your e-liquid correctly

Whenever you purchase perishables, you always ensure to follow instructions on storage to ensure that you get maximum life out of that product, and e-cigarette liquids are not different. The following tips will ensure that your liquid does not oxidise, spill, or get damaged in any other way, thus ensuring that you get the most out of every bottle: 


1. Store in a cool and dry place. That's not saying that you should keep your e-liquid in the fridge, but away from any heat sources and away from any area of high humidity. Some people do refrigerate or freeze their liquids but you can't hold a company responsible for a change in flavour if you store it differently to what is advised by the company. Also, if you are going to store it in a fridge or freezer, make sure it returns to room temperature before you use it. If you live in a hot humid country, then take the necessary precautions to keep your e-liquid in an air-conditioned room. Cabinets around the house are the most common place to store e-liquids safely. 


2. Amber glass bottles are so much better at preserving contents than plastic ones. If an e-liquid lasts you a long time, make sure to pour it into one of these for maximum lifespan! 


3. Respect the expiry date on the bottles. It's useless bulk-buying if you 're not a regular vaper and may end up with a box full of expired full e-liquid bottles. 


4. Do not store eliquids where pets or children can reach them. Remember that nicotine poisoning is not far-fetched. If you can lock the storage cabinet, all the better. 


5. Buying only those liquids that have a childproof cap, as do McFlavors liquids, will ensure that even if children do find and reach the bottle, they still can not open it. 



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