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E-cig Success in the UK!

This week, the BBC reported that a fall in demand for quit smoking support is linked to e-cigarettes. This is a huge success for our beloved industry, for this is exactly what we set out to achieve - helping people quit smoking by producing a product that feeds the addiction in a much healthier way. Public Health Consultant Dr Andrew Carnon said that the trend is also spreading across Scotland. 

What a wonderful thing it is for the world that more and more people are quitting smoking and furthermore, that they are doing it all on their very own without using public-funded support systems, and more successfully than ever before! The NHS is even launching a review to assess whether to adapt the service they provide! Did you hear that?! E-cigarettes are the most effective way to quit smoking. 


This is a victory for the entire e-cigarette industry, particularly those who advocate for it and fight for others' right to vape freely! 


Thank You! 

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