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Wanna help vaping?

E-Cigs. Our right not to smoke tobacco. 

This is an Australian small vaping business owner who needs your help. This is part of his crowdfunding message:

My name is Vince and I need your help.

This is the story of HeavenlyVapours

A few years ago I started a company that sold electronic cigarettes. My goal was to start a small business and focus on high quality control, so vapers didn't have to take risks when buying their e-cigarettes / Personal Vapourisers (PV) as to whether they would work, smell funny, leak etc.

The business had been running for almost a year and was doing very well. Warranty rates were declining; we even found a manufacturer in Australia that could make the flavourings that users put in the juice at a very high quality, with a known list of ingredients and persistent quality. We were certainly heading in the right direction, bringing Australian quality control to what is ultimately a product predominately cheaply made (and without oversight) in China.

However, the powers that be did not approve. The "Health" Department and Cancer Council would rather see electronic cigarettes banned outright than have traditional cigarette smokers be free to choose.

We suddenly got raided by the Health Department.

No formal letter, no other contact. A discrete court order for search and seizure was obtained and they arrived at my house in 3 black SUV's. They searched through my house and proceeded to load all of the hardware I had into several black garbage bags.
The search and seizure went on for about an hour and half before they decided they had found and taken enough.

The whole process was pretty invasive and surreal.

They were confusing my humble business with some sort of Columbian drug cartel. The business ran openly, with the website listed on Google's front page, with clear packaging and marketing.

What law was I breaking? It must have been serious enough to warrant a surprise search and seizure by force.

You can read the rest of his story, and help him out here

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