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Why E-Cigarettes Are Better Than Patches and Gum as a Smoking Quitting Aid... by Naresh

A short yet interesting article, published today in the 'Internet Billboards' compares a few of the types of cessation aids; In the article, Naresh explains why e-cigarettes are as successful as they are with helping smokers quit tobacco. You can read the article here

In another article, entitled, 'E-cigarettes and health - here's what the evidence actually says', written last week by Julia Belluz, one can find a nice comprehensive gathering of scientific evidence for and against vaping, together with Ms Belluz' conclusions that state that regardless of the lack of evidence of contents, you're better off vaping than you are smoking but that you're better off smoke and vape free than either of them. And this is what McFlavors have been advocating since their inception earlier this year. The aim of McFlavors is not to get people vaping, but to get people off smoking. We hope that our products will help smokers quit their habit. And with our products, you have no problem with what's inside, as you can check it all out for yourselves as it's on display on our website. Simply visit the 'About & Certificates' section of our site for all the information you require about all the contents of each of our liquids. 


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