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Another respected doctor joins the e-cig ranks: Meet Heart Surgeon Gopal Bhatnagar

All the way in Toronto, Canada, heart surgeon Gopal Bhatnagar has set up shop selling and promoting e-cigarettes and related paraphernalia. He was quoted by Jeremy Appell of the Toronto Sun, as saying that "it helps save people from the ravages of tobacco smoking". Not everybody is pleased with this venture, however. The owner is convinced that for as long as he can stir his patients away from tobacco, he's doing the right thing. Kelly Gorman from the Canadian Cancer Society thinks that until the contents of e-cigarettes are regulated, they should be treated in a precautionary manner.


We at McFlavors have been saying that we do appreciate that e-cigarette liquid contents are broadcast. It is an important factor after all, and that is why the contents of each of our liquids, plus an analysis of tobacco and heavy metal content of them, is present on our site. You can access all this information here. We take great pride in the fact that every single batch of our liquids is rigorously tested to maintain quality. 

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