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The Medical World Discusses Vaping

In a previous article, a couple of months back, we discussed Medical Organisations that are in favor of vaping. The article, entitled MOVE - Medical Organisations Supporting Vaping highlighted a way for people who work in the medical field to get behind vaping. The idea was not that they think that vaping is a great new lifestyle, but that it's a much better alternative to smoking tobacco. 

MOVE, however, does not exclusively contain every medical practitioner who supports the idea of vaping. There are many others who have come out to encourage their patients to substitute smoking for vaping. The idea seems to be that whatever can get patients to stop smoking, works for us. 

The e-cigarette forum has a very entertaining thread between vapers noting the reactions of their doctors when told that they have switched from smoking to vaping. We suggest having a look at it here. It's a good insight into the reasons behind different reactions by medical staff. 

In 2012, the President and Executive & Medical Director of the American Council on Science and Health wrote to the FDA to reconsider its position on vaping. Their letter is a plea to the FDA, to help out the remaining 20% of Americans who smoke, and their position is that even though there may not be any certainty on what long-term effects vaping has, they are certain that the effects are nowhere near as harmful as smoking. You can read the letter here

At a London summit in 2013, Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos of the University Hospital Gathuisberg, Belgium, declared that... 

We can recommend that smokers who cannot quit should switch to e-cigarettes

...that is not to say that they are recommending that everybody starts vaping, but, that they are wholeheartedly behind using vaping as an alternative to smoking. Dr Farsalinos continued to explain that he has found vaping to be the most effective tool to quit smoking, by far. This also turned the tide, for organisations that were previously apprehensive about vaping: 

It’s always better to quit nicotine use completely,

said Deborah Arnott, Chief Executive of UK health charity Action on Smoking and Health,

but it’s the smoke that kills you - not the nicotine - so for smokers who are heavily addicted switching to safer sources of nicotine could literally be a lifesaver.


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