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CAM VIP : Campaign for vaping in pubs

Since the smoking ban came into force in the UK on the 1st of July 2007, many smokers have been preferring to stay at home rather than go to their local where they would have to leave the pub every time they want a smoke.  When enjoying a pint, nobody wants to be forced to sit away from friends. Most pubs have suffered financially, and 15,000 pubs so far have been forced to close.


CAMVIP is a campaign to allow vaping in pubs all around the UK. Vaping is odourless and harmless to the people around. There is absolutely no reason why it shouldn't be allowed in pubs, and indeed everywhere else. 


CAMVIP organise VIP nights for vapers, in pubs around the UK. Their aim is to get smokers back into the pubs, by switching them to vaping, and therefore increase the revenues that the pubs have lost. 


Pay them a visit here


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