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MOVE - Medical Organizations Supporting Vaping

This is a thing now. They have a site. And a blog. And we love it. So, this is a movement run by medical doctors, nurses, health care professionals and scientists to support vaping. They give a list of reasons why medical staff would want to join the movement, the top of which is the daily occurrences of patients with various ailments, all caused by cigarette smoking. 

They say the same thing we've been saying for ages... Vaping is NOT smoking. What applies to smoking does not apply to vaping. The only thing similar is that it's done using the mouth and inhaling, but so is breathing and we don't see that being compared to smoking do we? The medical personnel on this movement maintain that cigarettes smoking is still the number 1 killer the world over; and that it's not the nicotine which does the damage, but the thousands of chemicals that are inhaled with it. 

The comments section on their blog is enough to encourage others to join. Comments range from people who have family and friends who vape, to vapers themselves, to medical professionals congratulating MOVE on having taken the initiative. Most grateful are those for whom vaping was the only thing that got them off the highly addictive cigarettes and inadvertently saved their lives or those of their families. 

If you are medical personnel and would like to support MOVE, you may do so by clicking the logo: 




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