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A slight breeze blowing in favour of vaping in good health!

Vaping has been in the news constantly because tobacco fat cats think it should be regulated. Of course they do, and they are supported by cigarette-cessation aid product manufacturers and their proxies. They want the world to believe that vaping is harmful, like their product is. They use the fact that there are not enough studies on the matter yet, interpreting it to mean that vaping is harmful. And they are doing everything in their financial power to propagate that. 

Now, a Healthmine survey published this week has reported that consumers in general consider vaping to be far less harmful than smoking. This is good news, meaning that the multibillion propaganda issued by the tobacco industry is not fooling anybody. 

Further, the York Dispatch reports that the smoke is clearing (pun intended) on the health affects of vaping as more and more literature is getting published. This is the video accompanying their article: 


Next, Daniel Engber writes "Is second hand vaping harmful to your health?". In an interesting article he concludes that it's nowhere near as harmful as second-hand smoke; this was in response to a study - published last year - that exaggerated results that stated that vapor from vaping is not 100% free of nicotine, making readers believe that second hand vaping causes cancer. 
The moral of this article is: Make sure to sieve through what you read, ask in whose interest the article is being written. Then ask whether the article is making and claims of wonder about its product. This article for example is written on the McFlavors blog, so you know that the person writing it is writing in favour of vaing, but you also know, just be reading that the article is not making and false claims, and above all has remained objective, telling it like it is. 
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