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Vaping in the News: The vaping bug hits California!

All through last year and the previous, we saw a sporadic yet healthy outburst of vaping shops crop up all over every UK high street, quickly turning vaping into the new social trendsetter and California is now catching up. True to the bohemian style of the state, it has produced some very original vape bars ranging in style from classical-feeling to retro decor. to space-age ones. If you've ever been to California. you know that they do not do things by halves over there. 

The word on the street is harm reduction. Just like what is happening everywhere else around the world, many are using e-cigarettes as harm reduction. Some even using the system to gradually lower the percentage of nicotine they inhale down to 0%, and others then even quitting vaping. The big tobacco industries are, needless to say, employing scientist after scientist to scaremonger the general public. They have been trying to use the cheap tactic of claiming that since we don't know what harm may come out of vaping (and they do know - none - so long as the e-cig liquid is made responsibly - in this day and age, surely they are not expecting us to believe that they have not conducted the necessary testing!) then better regulate them, just in case 20 years down the line we realise - as we did with cigarettes (and bear in mind, the tobacco companies probably knew way before the general public that cigarettes were cancerous) - that they are harmful! It is an obvious ploy to safe-guard their financial interests, as it doesn't pay them for people to have a substitute to smoking. So much so, that some of them have turned to producing e-cigarettes themselves. 

McFlavors e-cigarette liquids have been rigorously tested for their contents and McFlavors have absolutely nothing to hide. In fact, you can go onto and review the certificates of each and every liquid flavour, and of course, the base and their contents, to the very last drop. Not only is McFlavors e-cig liquid pure, but it is also completely free from Propylene Glycol, using instead a natural substitute which takes on all of its properties without its undesirable ones. What's more, McFlavors are offering 99% off your first bottle, just for visiting their site and registering your details! 

Now if that is not confidence in their product, I don't know what it. 

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