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Vaping in the News: E-cigs to be regulated next year


So the word on the street, or rather in the news, is that e-cigs are going to be regulated from May of next year when an EU law comes into force. Manufacturers are going to follow the directive's rules on safety ,quality and packaging; as well as register all of their ingredients, emissions nd toxicological data with the authorities of their country. 

McFlavors is one of those e-liquid companies who will benefit, and therefore will welcome such regulation. The market os currently saturated with products of all kinds, and makes, varying in purity and honesty. McFlavors is a conscientious company that has, from its very start, published every single ingredient in each of their liquids. In fact, all the certificates and product analyses are displayed on their website. They invite their clients and potential clients to dive right in and learn all about the contents of their product. You may do so here

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