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E-cigs & Spotify Now Used as Items to Measure Cost of Living - The Mirror Reports

For the first time ever, e-cigarettes and music streaming app Spotify are being used to measure cost of living in the UK. They have both joined the long list of everyday items that determine the statistic, while other items that are not so commonly bought anymore - such as lamp oil - have been removed from the list. 

This is proof of the popularity of e-cigarettes in the country. Only items that are deemed to be of everyday use are added to the list and utilised for the statistic. 

The Mirror reports "Compiled by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the list of what’s hot and what’s not reflects the nation’s changing tastes over the year and acts as a barometer for the Consumer Price Index (CPI) ...

It’s Basket of Goods and Services report said: “A number of new items have been introduced to represent specific markets where consumer spending is significant or growing.

For example, more people are using electronic cigarettes, often as a cessation aid."

Great news for the industry and vapers worldwide! 

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