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Will e-cigs help you quit? The Cochrane Review

A point of debate in the gaping world is whether e-cigs help current analogue smokers to quit cigarettes, presumably by emulating the force of habit and nicotine, which can be tapered off, while not inhaling any of the other super-harmful ingredients that one would find in an analogue cigarette. 


This brought out the need for a Cochrane review - which for those of you not familiar with the procedure, is a review of existing trustworthy literature which is pertinent to the case in point. 

The review, entitled "Can electronic cigarettes help people stop smoking or reduce the amount they smoke, and are they safe to use for this purpose?", can be found here but we will sum it up for you. 


All in all, the Cochrane review states that results are not conclusive because not enough trustworthy and unbiased studies are available to be able to generalise the results, however, from the few trustworthy and unbiased studies that were taken into consideration, the results showed that electronic cigarettes can indeed help people stop or reduce the amount they smoke, and that they are safe to use for this purpose. 


What does all this mean? 

It means that we need more unbiased, scientific studies to be written on the topic. With sales of e-cigarettes sky-rocketing, in both the US and Europe, the interest of scientists should be aroused enough to warrant many studies on the topic. 




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