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VG vs PG Liquids vs Mixtures - What's the difference?

You often hear users referring to e-cig liquids as VG or PG. If you're not a seasoned vape enthuiast, chances are that - at some point - you have wondered what the two terms meant. 

  • VG: Vegetable Glycerine

Vegetable glycering is a thick, natural and organic substance, made from vegetables (no points for getting that), which is therefore considered to be natural and safe. 

VG e-liquids are preferred by vaping stunt fanatics, as VG e-liquids create far more vapor than PG e-liquids or mixed ones. VG e-liquids are also easier on the throat as they are incredibly smooth. 

  • PGPropylene Glycol 

Propylene glycol is not so smooth on the throat, and some ex-smokers prefer using PG e-liquids because they feel that they emulate better the feel of an analogue cigarette on the throat. Some people may be allergic to PG as it has a high rate of sensitivity as a substance. It is still generally considered to be safe, but not as natural as its vegetable counterpart. 

  • Another natural glycol alternative 

These are our favourite types of liquids, because they have all the great properties of VG e-cig liquids, without compromising the texture or look of the liquid. A lot and a lot of research has gone into finding this glycol alternative, and so its name will not be published as yet, but suffice it to say that this substance is also completely natural and organic! 

  • Mixed Liquids 

Mixed liquids contain a percentage of both, in various ratios at the manufacturers' discretion. Manufacturers who produce mixed flavors claim that by mixing, one gets the best of both worlds, but we must also make our readers aware that mixing them also ensures that you do not experience the benefits of either one!

Just because a liquid is labelled VG, PG, or mixed that does not mean that all e-cig liquids within that group are the same. We suggest that you pick your favourite type of flavor and stick with that, even if you have to switch brands to find what suits you best. There is only one 'another natural glycol alternative' on the market. And that is the recently-launched McFlavors e-liquid. They currently have an offer on their online store. All first-time customers get their first bottle, at 99% off. We recommend paying a visit to - try it & tell us what you think! 

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