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Does Charlie Sheen really own his own e-Cig Brand?

Indeed he does! And his launch of the NicoSheen Electronic Cigarettes brand is not even recent... but it is just in fact making the headlines.

Among all the controversies surrounding the famed, yet extremely talented actor, owning an e-cig company may just about be one of the mildest yet coolest things he's ever done.  The company was opened back in 2011, in partnership with former baseball player Lenny Dykstra. 

Unfortunately for the pair, the brand name was already taken and this was only the first of the lack of foresight news surrounding the saga. Having failed to conduct proper market research, the pair had to give up the name, and more poignantly, their product was nowhere to be found online. Whether this was a marketing stunt gone wrong or just another flop in foresight, all evidence points to the latter as the company is now no longer in operation. 

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